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Merry Ashley

HI I'M MERRY. I feel blessed that I now get to work with talented and inspiring people from around the world. They bring gifts and a perspective that is both appreciated and needed within the world of business. 

I'm American, and in my career have lived in various different cities in California over the past nearly 20 years, from Los Angeles to Monterey, Newport Beach and San Francisco. Life hasn't always been easy.  I lost the love of my life in my early 30's, and my career after that was too full to allow for many of my passions and other interests. I'd spent most of my adult life in a variety of arenas within the Entertainment Industry, Higher Education and Real Estate fields working in Event and Travel Coordinating.  

Enjoyable as those were, they all required life in a city with a brutal commute to match, with early or late hours that demanded my constant attention. I was tethered to my current location of the time based on the schedule of events or needs of the organization, leaving little time for family or my passion for travel. Time was racing by, and I had lost my enthusiasm in my career and desired the freedom to be my own boss with a flexibility to move forward with my own passions. Finally, I was inspired to seriously begin researching online business alternatives. 

With extended family needing more care and attention as well, I stumbled across this business that allowed me to build an entirely new life with the financial opportunities and freedoms beyond all prior endeavors to pursue all my interests.

Our online personal success courses and in-person coaching events offered in this business combines my interest in personal development - how the mind works and how we can gain freedom from mindsets that hold us back - with the freedom of an online business that allows complete flexibility in my life to spend the way I choose with people and in places that mean most to me. With just a phone, a laptop or iPad and the internet, I can work anywhere in the world at any time that works best for me.

Now my life is radically different. No more 5am alarms and long commutes away from home, spending long days knowing I'm needed just as much elsewhere, then dragging myself though snarling traffic home again just to repeat the process all over again the next morning.  The stress of all that is behind me, and when family needs me, I'm there. Balancing work with the rest of my life is an entirely new situation with freedom such as I've never had before, and I'm loving it.  I am fulfilling new goals (both financial and personal) and lifelong dreams, and my life has regained an optimism that had long been missing. 

If you're interested in a new adventure on your own terms, have some energy and drive to devote what it takes to create a better life for yourself as well, give me a call or click below for more information!










Our products have directly impacted well over 100,000 customers in 132 countries around the world and counting!

Over 127,000 lives impacted

A proven track record

This business system was developed over 10 years ago & embodies a global community of like minded men and women who are passionate about assisting individuals with the teachings of our proven business system and Personal Growth principles. 

I am a mother of two and a previous Franchise Owner. I was overworked and underpaid and highly stressed. I wanted more time with my family and to get out of the huge debt we were in. I am excited to say this business has changed my life. I have turned my past yearly income into my monthly income (and then some). Plus I now have time to enjoy life and travel the world. Super grateful.

Lee Anne Bartlett

Coming from a mechanical background I have had many 'jobs' over the years and always thinking this one will be better than the last. But the result is always just over the poverty line. When I found this business 9 years ago I thought, after doing the math, too good to be true. But now after turning my yearly income into my monthly all I can say now is, "It's too good to be missed". 

Col Greig

A "perfect trifecta"... a little work, a little exercise, and a breathtaking view.  Time spent in recreation for health and fitness like this is now so much easier to fit in to my days when I can work anywhere.

With my brother at the exclusive "Club 33" at Disneyland, a place I love to spend time with friends and family... and have far more frequent opportunities to meet up with them.

Waiting for a showing of Fantasmic at Disneyland... getting away once again to our "favorite place on earth".  Times with the kiddos are easier to come by now. 

A recent Jaunt to a favorite place of mine - New York City, enjoying my hobby of photography once again after many years... with many bucket list locations soon to come!

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"I wanted the freedom to work from wherever I chose and a schedule with time for family and travel as a priority... with an unlimited income potential I'd never imagined...

And I'm doing it on my terms and without having to answer to a BOSS!"  - Merry Ashley

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